Vegetarian Liquorice

Our Premium quality solid black Liquorice is vegetarian. It comes in many shapes, sizes and flavours from Italy, Finland, Belgium and Holland. We have some great Vegetarian Liquorice Gift ideas here for you. These include our original gift boxes with Italian Hard Twists or Soft Finnish Logs, our original gift bags such as our popular Saint Valentines six stick bags containing Original Italian regular sized sticks in both sweet and salt. Or try the formidable Liquorice Lovers Dream; ten large sticks of irresistable, chewy, Italian premium Liquorice.

We also have Italian Bel Canto Liquorice, attractive little tins containing the potent menthol and Liquorice imps, Flemish Zoots, a great liquorice flavour, these ones are not salty and our new Dutch Honey and Finnish Strawberry Liquorice pieces.

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