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Liquorice Yoga is an idea we are hatching to share easy practices and fun things to do that increase a sense of well being and happiness.

Valentines Yoga Retreat. To love oneself..

Valentines Yoga Retreat

Valentines Yoga Retreat. To love oneself.. This is a Valentines Yoga retreat which is being held on the beautiful Isle of Wight at Isle of Yoga. Aimed at individuals who feel it’s the right time to be giving themselves a gift of health and relaxation. Isle of Yoga specialises in personalised retreats catering for a small […]

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Liquorice and Yoga: how come?

The combining of Liquorice and self development/yoga and meditation may seem unlikely or unusual, but liquorice in it’s purest form has long been used for it’s beneficial properties of which it has many. Added to it’s antibacterial, antifungicidal and antidepressant properties (it has more ‘feel good’ effectiveness than Saint Johns wort*) it can be beneficial […]

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