Saint Valentines Liquorice Company was born in 1994…

Little did we know at the time how Liquorice was embedded in the English sweet lovers psychology and there was a gap to fill. We did just that and became the first UK liquorice brand since Bassets, specialising in only the best quality products sold directly to customers.

And we found many who wanted to share this love of Liquorice with us. Saint Valentines has travelled to many corners of the UK setting up shop in numerous shows and events, festivals and public events and meeting many many avid Liquorice (and candy) lovers, and having a lot of fun with them too.

Our story has been long enough now to have a few twists and turns, we have sold to major outlets and independents too. But what we like best is too sell directly to you, either from our stall or trike or through our online shop.

We hope you find something you like and something to share.

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